About the company

Netix AB workes with web development , web design and marketing services on the internet .

On the web development side Netix builds websites for companies with focus on that it should be easy for the website owner to update the content. It could be everything from small webpages for one-man-business companies to large complex websites with many visitors and users.

On the marketing side Netix has started up a number of websites.

One example is the website Skraplotto.se where users can scratch free lottery tickets and have the chance to win prices from advertising companies. An other example is the website Pizza.nu , now run by OnlinePizza Norden AB, where visitors can order food online for delivery or takeaway and pay by credit card directly on the internet. One third exemple is the website Trezer.com which is a virtual shopping mall online where customers can shop an pay with cards directly online from stores connected to Trezer

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